Monday, January 16, 2012


Today my rotary club had a new years party. I got to wear a kimono!!! yay!!! I got my hair and makeup professionally done in a traditional japanese style and I got to wear a beautiful kimono. I found out that kimono's are supposed to lie perfectly flat on your body, so they wrap towels and put cotton padding down everywhere to get rid of any curves. I asked why and they said that its because kimono's are supposed to be formal and elegant. You have to walk carefully in a kimono because its so tight you can barely move your feet so you have to shuffle along quickly. It looks really stupid which is why I suppose, you are supposed to move slowly and gracefully.

On the hair front. I just pulled three stuffed animals, two flowers, bells, (I jingled whenever I moved) about 4 pounds of hairspray, twenty hair pins, and two nerf ball sized pieces of foam, out of my hair. It was impressive. But everyone at the party told me I looked beautiful. :)

After the party I asked my hostmother how much a Kimono cost because I wanted to buy one to take back home. She laughed hysterically at me and I didn't understand why until she explained that a kimono like the one I wore cost about 20,000,000 yen. Or two million dollars......I think I'll just get a yukata. A less formal summer dress.

I talked to almost everybody in Japanese at the party and I understood most of what was said. My counselors both told me that my Japanese is getting a lot better and that they were impressed. I talked about winter vacation, my family, what I've been doing, school, etc. YAY!!!!!

My first host mother finally found a school that will teach a beginner foreigner karate or judo. I've wanted to try a martial art my whole time here because, I'm in Japan, I can't not even try it. So tomorrow my first host mother and I are going to this school to just watch for the day and then I can decide if I want to do it!!!!! Yes!!!!!

My friend and I are going to Kyoto in a few weeks which is a huge temple and tourist district. We are going to this store that does you're hair and makeup like a Maiko (a geisha in training) I'll get to wear a kimono again and we'll get to take pictures around Kyoto. I'm super excited!!!!! I have really wanted to see Kyoto and especially the golden temple!!!!

I'm also starting Japanese speaking classes this week, doing Sado club, going to the movies with friends, and at some point I may even consider sleeping.