Thursday, September 8, 2011

A culinary note:

To the chef's of Japan,
This is about the food you call `American` food, so I'm allowed to comment.
Hamburgers are served on rolls with ketchup, pickles, tomatoes, cheese, and lettuce. Onions are optional. They are not served on a plate with a sunny side up egg on top. While this is surprisingly delicious, it is not American.
The following never go on pizza: Sunny side up eggs, corn, potatoes, scrambled eggs.
Taking bread dough and baking whole kernels of corn into it does not make it corn bread. It is pretty good though. Melon bread is awesome too, I thought my host mother was crazy when she gave it to me for breakfast and explained what it was but it is DELICIOUS!!!
French fries are eaten with ketchup. The are not served on a plate with whipped cream and a cherry on top. That is for ice cream.

As for your greatest achievements: The aforementioned melon bread is amazing, chocolate bread is awesome too, as is your coffee. `Udong` (rice noodles) are absolutely fantastic and OMG the sushi/sashimi is AMAZING!!!!! Teriaki anything is awesome and A+ on what ever my host mother has been serving me for lunch. I have absolutely no idea what most of it is (I found out today that part of it is kelp) but it is fantastic.

Also, if I get asked one more time if I know what Macdonalds and Pringles are I will not be able to hold back the laughter.

To my classmates. I just watched you eat kelp, raw octopus, and seaweed. And your screaming in horror because I don't peel my grapes before eating them? Turns out that in japan they peel everything. Everyone in my class of 40 people turned and watched horrified when the girl next to me told them what I was doing. They then started asking me questions about eating fruit in the U.S. they all gasped in actual legit horror when I told them that we often don't peel apples, plums, peaches, pears, and never peel grapes. RAW OCTOPUS PEOPLE!!!!! I mean it's actually delicious but STILL!!!!!!! And I really mean screaming in horror. I then dared them to eat a grape whole, skin and all. Several students tried but many refused and watched in awe as their classmates tried it, then said surprised that it was good. The others didn't believe them. I was doubled over in my chair laughing at their response to this.