Monday, September 5, 2011

First day of school:

Everyone in my school is really eager to talk to me, I get stopped on the way to school, in the hallways, leaving school, by students of all different grades who want to introduce themselves and talk to me in English. While it is a little weird for me to be a sort of celebrity it is also really nice. Everyone wants to know if I am happy and if I like Japan which I do. The students and teachers at my school are all very kind.

The Volleyball and basketball clubs are both begging me to join, probably because of my height. But tomorrow we have gym for the first time and I have a feeling that once they see my complete and total lack of hand\eye coordination they won't be as eager.

The only classes I can understand so far are math and english. It's frustrating though because though I know how to do the math problem or write the sentence I don't understand the question I'm being asked. I can do the work and I understand the math theories or the english grammar but I don't understand the question!

All in all it was a difficult but ok first day of school.