Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today I was asked three questions that made me laugh. The first was asked by an elderly woman who cornered me on my way to school and asked why I was here. I said I'm getting on the train to go to school. She said no, why are you here in Himeji, Japan.

The second was a series of questions that I have been asked nearly every day. Do you have a boyfriend? Followed by, do you like japanese men? This still makes me laugh mainly because I have no idea how to answer that question.

The last question I was asked today made me cry with laughter. Two of my classmates walked up to me and asked me `Why are you white?` When I started to laugh, they quickly conversed and said `I mean, why are you not black?` This of course only made me laugh harder. Eventually they got the point across that they wanted to know why I don't tan in the sun. I tried to explain that I wear sunblock and they asked why? I said because I turn red and burn which just got me blank faces. Luckily I remembered the word for cancer and said that I don`t want cancer from the sun. This they accepted but I still laughed most of the way home. I'm glad they amuse me as much as I amuse them.